Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Plans and Big Flops!

Well, I tried to make clarified butter this week and do not  know what went wrong but it did not stay in liquid form.  I don't know if the type of butter matters or if maybe I had the temperature too high but something didn't work.  I also tried to make a quick pickled asparagus which also didn't come out very well.  The flavor was very unbalanced.  But I did learn that it is not good to smell vinegar when it is about to boil unless you want to burn your nasal passages.  Those were my big flops for the week and now for the big plans!  This weekend we plan to do some much needed additions to our kitchen community.  We would like to get a pasta roller, sieve, food processor, and a food mill.  It is an expensive list but hopefully this will take us a step in the right direction.  My husband and I hope to sit down after the kids go to bed and plan our next weeks menu with new and fun recipes.  We would also like to broaden our cook book collection so if there are any recommendations let me have them!  Happy cooking!

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  1. you know, Dave makes his ghee in the microwave. we've never seen it in any recipe, but the whole stove top cooking can turn into burning pretty quickly! with the microwave, you put the butter in a big glass jar (so you can see it doing its thing), and start melting it slowly. then you let it sit, and the solids float down. it's a bit harder to burn it to this way, and when it's ready, you just pour off the ghee into new jars (we freeze it when we make a big batch) and discard the solids. i'll ask him how long and at what temp he does the microwaving...he's kind of in charge of clarified butter. :-)