Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Sandwhich

Well my husband made a sandwich for dinner the other night that I thought might not be as good as his vision of it but to my surprise it was awesome!  A veggie panini that I can't wait to have again. Here's the break down: sauteed mushrooms, white onion, red bell pepper and garlic coins, blanched green beans, with a warm blanket of provolone and Cheddar, on a french bread roll with mayo on one side and fresh pesto on the other and than toasted.  Then with the help of a heavy cast iron pan and griddle....Panini!  To top it off some fresh parmesan on top.  We both were wishing for a third sandwich.  I want one as I am writing this.  I am finding out that I have a real love for sandwiches.  It is one of the few foods that I crave the most and nothing is better than the smell of fresh bread to me.  I tell my husband that I should work in a bakery but we both decided I would be a million pounds from all the bread I would eat. 

We are planning an exciting weekend we got some new kitchen items and can't wait to use them.  We want to make fresh pasta and I would love to make some fresh bread.  Wish us luck!

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