Saturday, March 26, 2011

Many good dinners....

These pizzas were the best we have made yet.  My husband made some delicious sauce that we smothered atop some store bought naan (Indian flat bread).  We blanched the asparagus then sauteed them with onion, mushrooms and garlic.  The cheese is a blend of Colby and white cheddar with garlic.  We layered them on and added some olives then to top it of we drizzled the butter goodness from the sauteed veggies on top.  After cooking they were like heaven!  We will definitely have these again.

These are some mini corn dogs that the kids loved!  After a little trial and error I found out that you need to use fine ground cornmeal and the batter does need to be chilled.  We used turkey dogs cut in half on skewers cut in half.  We should have cooked them a little longer at maybe a lower heat to get the crisp a little farther in but still very good and the extras we froze reheated really well.  These are super easy to make if you like corn dogs you should try them.

This was our first curry.  It was not my favorite.  We added too much cinnamon so it was a little awkward. I haven't had enough curry to base it anything but not bad.  My husband has limited veggies to work with as I still don't care for peas, lima beans or cooked carrots really.  Hopefully we will give it another try.

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